Writing, I believe keeps one honest with themselves and my hope is that if I can keep myself honest by writing through life then maybe I can also share something valuable with you too. So here I am, starting a new blog, to share some valuable lessons and help remind us of the long journey we’ve been on to get us here. I’m still unsure as to how I’m going to go about using this blog, but I know I want to share with you new ideas about life that can be food for thought and even agents of change.

 I feel as though it is critical that we know where we’ve been to keep propelling us forward and show us where we’re going and paying homage to the past, and its lessons, is important, seeings experiences are the sum of what we are. This is why I write. To see what my truth is for today and to see how much my thinking changes with utmost fluidity. My thoughts in sharing is that although my journey is my own, maybe you too can learn from my lessons and maybe my truth can change yours. 

Writing like this however is a raw form of vulnerability, it’s like admitting to people that you think one of your greatest abilities lies within the creative spectrum and that can come across as arrogant if not conveyed correctly. That in itself is impossible to nail down, this space will not be everyone cup of tea. Being my own biggest critic, I know this is the case. However if you’re drawn to this space, I thank you and urge you to keep an open mind. At the end of the day this blog is the musings of my own mind, compiled with opinions and research from other people in the world I admire. 



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